Any country has something it is known for and special places to visit. Knowing these beforehand can help you enjoy your trip better in this country. So if you are planning on visiting China anytime soon, here are somethings you should be doing and including in your to-do-list. 

Take a hike on the great wall 

Although it is ridiculed that the great wall of China is the only thing that the Chinese built that lasts so long, it is truly an amazing wonder that is appreciated even today. There have also been sayings like “he who has never been to the Great Wall is not a true man” which have resulted in many trying to walk the trek to simply be the man the saying claims and so it has become a rather popular tourist attraction spot among many foreigners. Know how to learn Mandarin Chinese and make friends with some locals and trek on this path together! After all it is the one thing you cannot miss if you were ever to visit this country.  

 The ancient town  

Tongli in the the Jiangsu province is a Chinese town with that most delicate charm and ancient touch that automatically makes you want to live in it. This water town is located 18 kilometers away from downtown Suzhou and has a history of over 1000 years. This town is surrounded by 5 lakes that have stone arch bridges and canals connecting one another while also allowing transport from place to place through boats. To make life much easier in China, you could always learn mandarin Hong Kong from the experts and get about from place to place on your own.  

The panda program  

Pandas are rather unique and special creatures to China, so there is a chance for the foreigners that visit the country to work with a Panda keeper and take care of the said animal in the Panda Keeper program hosted in Sichuan Province. You also get to learn little tips like Pandas are good swimmers and tree climbers and a majority of their diet is of bamboo leaves and so on so forth. Most people tend to visit this country in the first place to simply admire these animals from close and so, this creature and its existence has gained more and more popularity over time.  

The terracotta army  

This is another famous site that you’ve got to visit in this country. This army had been buried under the earth for over 2000 years and was only discovered by a local farmer who was digging up a well. This was then regarded as a world heritage by UNESCO in the year 1987. The reason this monument has gained much popularity is because it resembles the strength of a strong military force of the then emperor of Qin dynasty.  

Include the above in your list of things to do in China and enjoy a one of a kind memorable trip!  


What To Do In China