Going abroad for one’s vacation can be really fun and exciting. Going to new places, indulging in new cuisines and cultures are all part of the excitement. There are various countries one could visit and each one has some special prospects to explore. But the total cost for going abroad can sometimes exceed ones budget. So before the trip one must make a list of all the expenses and then during the trip one must try to stick to the plan and not spend lavishly if you are short on your budget. In case you are planning on going to a country you have never been before then its best to take along a map or GPS as this prevent you from getting lost. You could even hire a travel guide, who could show you all the monumental places. Of course it is an added expense when hiring one but if one has relatives living there, then one could get their help in exploring the country.
Budget flights and places to stay
The best way to cut down the cost is to travel in a budget flight. Budget flights are much cheaper than normal ones and are available during any season of the year. The cheap price is due to the fact that it provides less services and sometime it might not be that comfortable. But for a short journey this type of a flight is quite ideal. Some budget flights might not provide meals so it is best to do a check on the services they provide and compensate for the ones they do not have. Even accommodation in a foreign country could cost tons depending on the duration of the stay. If you don’t seek luxury rooms in hotels then 2 star hotels is the best choice. They provide the necessary facilities and services except that it isn’t as lavish as that of a 5 star hotel. If one is planning on staying for more than a month, then renting short term apartments would be very cost effective.
But in this case, one has to worry about the preparation of meals. Always choose short term apartments Dubai that are not in the heart of the city as this could be very expensive. Apartments that are situated in the outskirts of the city might be cheaper than those in the city.
Transportation and shopping
When shopping, always buy only the necessary goods and do not get carried. Usually transportation would cost a lot unless one travels in a public transport system such as the train and bus. But if it is a long stay one could always opt for renting a car for a given period of time.

Ways To Reduce Cost When Travelling Abroad