Clothing is something which has a massive history and which goes billions of years back. Back in the day, clothes were used to satisfy a human’s basic need which was to cover their body from nature. The material used most of the time at this stage was primitive such as animal skin, leaves and bushes etc. However, today, human needs have become so advance and complicated that today, clothing has become a symbol of social status, a trend and so many other things. However, out of all things associated with clothing, fashion has been the most important element. As far as fashion is concern, printed clothing plays a major role in it. Therefore here are the best types of fabric presswork methods available in the world.

Silk Screening Method

This method is mostly used for flag printing and banners printing equally often. According to this method the silk screen print machines are set to print on fabric preferably with a few colours. The drawback of this method is that it requires a minimum of 10 items to be printed at a stretch in order to function this machine. Also it has the ability of dealing with only a few colours and shapes whereas it is not recommended for complicated fabric presswork. Once the print is placed, the ink will be placed in direct sunlight creating a harsh and durable artwork on the fabric. Thereafter the flag is trimmed and hemmed in order to make it a finished product.

Digital Method

Digital print method is much more convenient and hassle free unlike silk screening. The user is entirely free to print any amount of items whether it be flag printing Dubai, photographs on fabric or even a t-shirt. Once the number is inserted along with the artwork you need to get printed on the fabric, all you need to do is ensure the fabric is placed in the machine as advised by the manual. However, this print will have a slight reduction in quality and colour aspects in comparison to the previous method. Therefore the user can decide whether to mount another printed fabric on the back so that both sides will look in the same quality.

Dry Sublimation

This method is considered to be a mix of both the above methods after excluding the drawbacks. It gives a better quality outcome than the digital method as well as has no minimum or maximum requirement as well. Very briefly the process of dry sublimation takes place as follows. Once the artwork is placed and the print is taken place as well, it has a process of heating which helps the fibre of fabric stick to the artwork or the print which will help the fabric hold the paint for a longer period of time improving its durability.

There can be many other methods of fabric presswork taking place. Which are simpler and more of small scale. Therefore it should be noted that these methods are more ideal for commercial purposes.

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