Higher education doesn’t end with college, or even graduate school. Education is a lifelong process. You learn new things when you become employed and move up the corporate ladder. Also, when you become an employee, there will be certain things that you will need to learn that your major or your college didn’t teach you. Some training institutes in Abu Dhabi of life are not included in curriculums, yet. So, if your employer asks you to become well-versed in something, or you need to learn before your employer asks you to, here are some of the lessons you can learn online:

Basic Programming

You were probably required to learn basic computing in your freshman year. But, how much of this course involved programming? Programming is not needed just for computer majors. Science, architecture, history and even arts majors are required to learn some programming skills to advance in careers, or simply to manage software at work. Therefore, if your major didn’t cover basic computer programming skills using a simple language like Python, it’s time to learn. There are plenty of free, short term courses available online that you can include in your CV or resume.

Social Media Marketing

So, if you were busy majoring in biology or English, you probably didn’t care much about social media except chatting with old friends on Facebook. Quite unfortunately for you, social media has moved beyond the realm of building small friendships and exploded onto all sorts of personal and business relationships. So, whatever line of work you are in, save for espionage, you will be required to interact with social media. Therefore, it greatly helps to have some knowledge regarding how these platforms works with regards to marketing.

Personal Finance

Do you know how to refinance a mortgage or get lower interest rates in insurance premiums? It’s no wonder if you don’t. Most high school or college curriculums do not include personal finance course, which are extremely important to adult life. As the name suggests, these courses help to navigate the financial aspects of adult life. Without this knowledge, you will probably end up bankrupt or worse. So, allow one or two hours each weekend to take online finance training courses in Dubai on personal financing.

Foreign Language

Remember struggling with French or German in high school and college? It’s time to go back to that. If you didn’t master your foreign language requirement at college, it’s time to polish up your skills, as it would look great on your resume or CV.

So, which of the above MOOCs will you sign up for this weekend?


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