Creating the perfect picture takes a lot of work. It requires excellent lighting, good angles, and superb camera work. Nevertheless, it can be hard to take a good picture if the fare in question is not presented well. Creating the perfect picture therefore, also hinges on having an aesthetically appealing plate of food in from of the camera.

The team that can help you achieve this is the collaborative duo of a Dubai food stylist and photographer who together, can work the magic needed to bring your visions to life.

Here are five reasons why they are better-off working together than alone:


Rather than have one person do both kinds of work averagely or with a bias towards one aspect, why not have two individuals who are experts in their own field? This gives each more time and energy to focus on what they do best, be it working with camera and lighting equipment, or creating artistic food arrangements.

A Fresh Set of Eyes

Each can provide an unprejudiced opinion on the outcomes produced by the work of the other, and help catch any flaws or omissions that may have otherwise been missed.

Mutual Motivation

Setting up the scene, plating the food, sourcing the props, and making sure the ingredients stay fresh throughout a photoshoot, is as demanding as working the camera, the angles, the lighting and setting up the tripod equipment. Having an individual do it all in isolation may not always produce the best result. It is better to have two people around to split the workload and provide some healthy competition and motivation for one another instead.


A food stylist and photographer who are on the same wavelength may propel each other to reach new heights of innovation. Their work might complement each other in a way that creates a result better than what either of them could have achieved on their own. However, it is important to make sure that the individuals playing these roles can get along in a professional manner. Clashing personalities and work ethics may ring doom for a project. Ideally, both parties should get to know each other and their respective workstyles before embarking on a joint venture.

Faster Work

Oftentimes, photoshoots will occur in studio’s that have been rented by the hour. Working as a pair can help speed-up the work and minimise rental costs. While the photographer is busy taking shots, the stylist can prepare the next set of items to be photographed.

A team consisting of both these types of professionals is likely to bring out the best in any ingredients or dishes to culminate in a truly mouth-watering masterpiece.

The Synergy Behind Mouth-Watering Images