There are a lot of things you may want to put into storage over the years, including that terrible fake Christmas tree Uncle Jerry gave you when he died. You can’t really throw that away because he might come back to haunt you, so you have to keep it out of sight and out of mind. Items like this tend to build up over the years, and they aren’t just limited to furniture and decorations either. Antique items and old clothes are also needed to be stored every now and then. Having a storage unit is probably the best way to ensure that these items are kept safe without having them clutter up your own living space. However, even though there is a huge range of benefits to be had from renting out a storage unit, you need to understand that it comes with its own set of risks, as does just about anything else.

Identity Theft is a Real Risk

While furniture storage companies won’t have this problem, there is always the risk of identity theft from a storage unit. This is a world where money isn’t place in material goods like the new PlayStation or other electronics. It is a world where money is controlled by a name and an identity. Putting those old boxes full of bank statements you don’t need right now into a storage unit may not be the most sensible idea you have ever had. While there is security at most storage facilities, this doesn’t ensure that your unit is thiefproof. In fact, the lock on the door of your unit won’t slow them down for more than a few minutes. Never keep your identity or proof of it anywhere but in your home or on your person.

Watch Out For Your Neighbors!

If you are looking for furniture storage companies to keep those expensive antiques of yours under lock and key, you will have to be very cautious indeed. While you could be choosing the best storage unit for your own use, you also need to think about your neighbors. There are many people out there who use their storage units for things other than actual storage. In fact, there have been more than a few reports of makeshift drug labs being run out of storage units.

These kinds of activities put your own stuff at risk of being damaged, stolen or even burned down should the meth lab go boom. You need to make sure that your neighbors are as safe as you plan on being.

The Risks Of Getting A Storage Unit