The sixteenth president of the United States, emancipator of the slaves, savior of the union, a National hero, a humane personality that a world looks up to and an individual who started out from the most humble beginnings and reached the highest post of the nation is the great personality, Abraham Lincoln. He was born in Kentucky on February 12th 1809 and his family moved to Indiana in the later years. He was known for his high level of intelligence and enthusiasm to read and learn though he could only have very little formal education. After few more years Lincoln’s father decided to move to Illinois to avoid financial and health troubles.
In Illinois Lincoln co-owned a shop with one of his friends and later in the years sold his half of the store to enroll himself as a militia captain in the Black Hawk war with the hope of defending Illinois. Before this Lincoln was said to have done a variety of jobs from shopkeeper, postman to surveyor and for a certain time has split firewood for a living. Legend says that he saved a Native American who was wondering about and captured by his men accused as a spy. He developed a reputation as a captain for his practicality and integrity in the battlefield. However the war and the corpses made a huge impact on him.
Once the war ended Lincoln started studying law and campaigned for the Illinois state legislature. He was not selected at the first attempt. His perseverance was another quality he was well known for. When he was practicing to become a lawyer or legal consultant in Springfield, Illinois, he meets his future wife Mary Todd, who he marries in 1842. They have 4 sons but unfortunately it was only one of them who lived to become an adult.
In 1845 while working as a “prairie lawyer” Lincoln ran for the congress and got elected. After a term’s service at the congress, while continuing his law practices he ran for the senate. Here as well, he could not win the first time, but he received a lot of public recognition and goodwill for his speeches on emancipation of the slaves. In 1860 Abraham Lincoln ran for president and was able to win the presidency without the support of any of the southern states as they were against his views on slavery.
The civil war began in year 1861 soon after Lincoln’s election. President Lincoln believed that all states should be governed in “union” and hence summoned armies from the northern states to defeat the south. This however resulted in a huge war but Lincoln was able to keep the states in union. On January 1st 1863 Lincoln took one of the most humane decisions in history by issuing the emancipation proclamation. Lincoln is mostly known today for his “Gettysburg address” which was a great speech full of humanity and democracy.

The Life Of The Greatest Democrat Of All Times