With so many event management companies popping up, party planning has become a very lucrative business. Yes, these companies have expert advice and experience in this particular field, but that does not mean you can’t plan, organize and throw a quite as good party all on your own. Be it a small get together, or even larger parties to commemorate milestone events like anniversaries, birthday parties and even graduation parties. Given below are a few guidelines to throwing a successful party. Link here  for more information about range of table lamps in Dubai https://www.desertriver.com/product/cylindro-table-light/ solutions for indoor, outdoor and pool use.Initiation

Party planning takes time, money and effort, and taking a good amount of time to prepare for it is key. The preparation time depends on how small or large the party is going to be. Huge events may very well take at least a year, whereas a smaller scale party would require a time ranging from six to four months. As for a spontaneous private party, it would only take a mere 48 hours to put together. The financial aspect of things is very important. Even before you start on preparing for an event it is necessary to calculate all the costs that you think may occur well in advance.


The place in which you are planning to hold your party comes down to your financial capabilities. The choices are unlimited, with different venues to choose from, be it a hall at a hotel, a private room at a restaurant or even your own home are great places to throw parties. The venue, sometimes does not even matter, the food and drinks, a rocking sound system, and good lighting for events is what makes it a success or a failure.

Music and Lights

For guests to have a good time there should be good music, this arises the problem of whether to hire a DJ or play a few tracks on CD’s you have at home. This again depends on the type of party, milestone parties would usually require a DJ, and you don’t necessarily have to empty your pockets in trying to do so. There are enough and more DJs with prices ranging from a few dollars to thousands, so go ahead and select one that fits the bill. As for the decoration and lighting for events Dubai, all of it again depends on the type of party. Some parties get by with very limited lights, and others have it lit extravagantly. Remember, there is nothing too small or too big, have a vision of what you want and everything will fall into place.

Food and Drinks

Depending on the type of party, organize the food and drinks, finger food or a proper meal, soft drinks, alcohol, or both. Have a good solid count of how many people you are going to invite, depending on that get the necessary amount of food and drinks with a few extras on the side. Always have more than what is required, you do not want to be running out of food or drinks during the party, only to panic and run to the store nearby to bring in more food and drinks.

Once everything is planned, send out your invites four to eight weeks in advance, and with the help of these guidelines be the proud organizer of a successful party.

Party Planning 101 For A Successful Event