Taking into regard every country around the world, when it comes to the political basis each minister and pri-minister and even the president are supposed to be provided with support and protection for their transporting needs. This does not only apple to the political parties, this is also applies to businessmen and sometimes even singers and actors or anyone who plays a famous role in the society. Thanks to modern technology and expertise, now there are more than one ways of being able to provide ultimate security whilst being transported. There are preferred ways to do according to the budget you want to use.
The proper method
The most preferred way and desired method is the use of armored cars. There different methods of armored vehicles that you could adhere to. The choices vary. Each type of armored vehicle has its own preferred unique quality and grade and also is produced and designed for special capable qualities. For example, the armored the puma-armored personal carrier is designed to carry a capacity of approximately 5 individuals and is also designed with high effective suit of armor that would protect it against any sort of threat. The suited armor is also designed to be highly bullet proof and provided with anti-grenade efficiency. It’s also built with its outstanding abilities for off road experience because of its highly powerful 3.5l petrol engine. Thus this armored vehicle has the capabilities of driving through rough roads, watery oaths and jungles.
Another preferred method would be the armored limousine. This is highly distinguished from the puma carrier because the armored limousine is designed to provide transport on much more normal conditions rather than off road trips. This type of armored vehicle could be used to provide transport to high gala dinners, parties and premiers. It is also used for high political conferences and palace discussions. The armored limousine is also designed with high bullet proof armor and bullet proof wheels. Other methods would include normal armored cars which could hold the capacity of maximum 4 individuals including the driver itself.
Why use these methods
It is stated that 80% to 90% of terrorist attacks are occurred and aimed at victims who travel in normal automobiles. Also it is stated that 90% of kidnappings have taken place in a larger amount than measured. It also displayed that transportation of valuables such as money, gems and jewellery and other important valuables have been raided on by thieves and trespassers whilst being transported in normal automobiles. Therefore it is in the best interest to use measures such as armored vehicles.

How To Keep Safe And Sound On The Roads