To get your work done from your employees, simply forcing them to work hard isn’t going to help. Many people have learnt that the nice way is the best way. Yet when it comes to your employees you need to realize that the best way to get them to do the work is through motivation. There are many things you could do for this, here are some of them.  

Place plants 

We all know that plants are really good in different ways. And now it has become a trend to have plants set in and around your home. This trend has also been encouraged to be applied in workspaces as well. So set plants in different locations that you deem ideal. Studies have found that people actually work much better with plants in the co-working space than having minimal stations with endless workload piles. Plants also are natural air purifiers so using it within the workplace could actually help clear the air better!  


Everyone loves snacking on something or the other to keep them going. And food is known to be the ideal motivator for just about anything. So use this opportunity to provide healthy snacks to your employees and motivate them to work better. Set out bowls of nuts, dried fruits, some low-fat popcorn, a couple mandarins and such in your serviced office. This way they wouldn’t go in to an unwanted sugar rush nor suffer from diabetes because of the wrong snacks. You could also consider getting in to a partnership with a local agro supplier to bring in fresh fruits every day to your office, for your employees, and boost their day with an apple in the morning!  

Encourage working out 

Make sure that you don’t limit your employees to the desk and chair with their faces forever in front of the laptop. Make them stand up and walk about to get other things done and encourage them to work out as well. Certain companies today, have their own in built gym for the employees to be a part of, you could also do such a thing or sign your employees up for a gym on the company expense. Bottom line is, the healthier the employee is, the better he would work, so encouraging him to exercise is certainly going to benefit you as well!  

Stand up meetings 

Employees half the time are always seated in a comfy chair with hardly any movement. So even in a meeting, don’t make them have to do the same. Instead host the meeting in a way where the sitting part is minimal. Make it is walking meeting where there is more engagement, if that cannot be done depending on the circumstance, keep the meeting short!  

Consider the above and motivate your employees to work better to achieve greater heights! 

How To Build A Healthy And Motivated Team?