Although it is a common debate in the world today, battling between the environment and the need for economic development is not a recent war. In fact, since the turn of the industrial revolution, it is fair and most in fact would agree on how economic development only having capitalised on the losses made to the environment.

However, if one looks closely at the world today, particularly an individual who would travel, they would realise that this isn’t the case world over. There is however a majority of countries while there are simultaneously developing striving hard to become self-sufficient and progressive in its own context. Nevertheless, in this hike towards economic development and financial stability they tend to lose out on one of the key components that developing countries have prioritised on: urban planning.Defined as the accurate use of land, environment, public funds and natural resources, urban planning is the key towards sustainability. This sustainability also includes environmental protection and conservation of all living things alike. What’s more planning infrastructure allows a country’s residents to make wise and informed decisions as opposed to those that are ad hoc.

So what benefits does a country have with a good plan?

For starters, a planned city or country is an organised one. Thus, an organised city or country can result in better and perhaps easier access to law, order and centralised co-ordination and control. This in turn leads to a plethora of benefits including equitable and sustainable financial growth and its preparedness for calamities – both fiscal and natural.

However, this is only the foundation towards the long benefits and advantages of having a proper, consolidated town plan. Moving from its first stage benefits, the country then begins to have a more stabilised state that knows its priorities and has a reliable system that can run like clockwork. A stable economy then results in a stable state, which is always beneficial to one in the international arena. Countries start to manifest interest in your tidings and this is always advantageous towards creating long term financial and mutually beneficial relationships with other countries.

The very plan that makes one country stable, will also then act as a common voice for likeminded countries in international fora. Countries start identifying your nation as a leader. Your leadership will gravitate around the country’s ability in instilling governance, law and order, discipline and peace among its citizens that helps you voice out your messages and calls to a larger audience that are willing to hear you. Plan your town, city and country, it’s one of the most efficient ways to curb losses and damage incurred when battling out the environment and need for economic development.

Environment Vs. Economic Development