Most individuals today, travel for fun-packed and thrilling adventures. On the other hand, there are those individuals that travel abroad to experience and understand the secrets of other cultures. They enjoy tapping into the wonders and differences of other races. Therefore, Asian cultures have been top travel choices for majorities living in the Western and European regions. The traditions, legends, histories are intriguing and rich in various aspects, including life styles. One such travel destination is Japan, as it’s famous for it’s unique history and culture. Or, if you want to get a touch of the authentic Japanese traditions, book a stay at Ryokan collection.
Get a glimpse and experience of the Japanese traditions that are offered to customers through these inns in Japan. If you were wondering what to expect, this article would be helpful. Here, there are some facts regarding this inn, offering an out of the world experience. With that said, here are some of the information about this inn and what you could expect during a stay:
• The idea behind the luxury Ryokan collection is dated back many centuries ago. This traditional inn is a significant landmark in the Japanese culture and history. In short, these inns were built for travellers, who travelled between Tokyo and the Imperial Palace.
• Even today, if you visit one of these inns, you’d be able to experience the traditions and hospitality that has been continuing since the past. At present, there are about 63000 of these inns of which, 1800 in the highest standards.
• From the moment you step in front of it, up until you check-in and check-out, you could experience a range of these traditions such as these;
 With a warm welcome by the staff at the entrance you’d be led to the lobby. You’d be advised to remove your footwear and change to wooden clogs, prior to entering the premise.
 After you’ve checked-in and needful is done, you’d be able to get hands on experience of viewing the traditional Japanese type rooms in the luxury Ryokan collection.
 There are different attires to be worn in the room such as the yukata and tanzen (during the cold seasons), to wear in the room and walk around to the hot springs.
 Indulge in the rich and finest architecture and take a nap on the futons, which comprises of a mattress, quilts and sheets.
 Enjoy a refreshing hot bath, which is supplied from the springs and rejuvenate yourself. The concept of meals is hot and fresh. Therefore, food is brought to the table as soon as it’s prepared.
What’s your purpose of travel? If you decide to travel to Japan, you wouldn’t want to miss out the opportunity of staying in one of these inns, most of which are built near hot springs. The history behind these inns is interesting to research about further. With that said, enjoy a luxurious holiday in style in Japan this holiday.

Enjoying A Stunning And Relaxing Holiday In Ryokan Style In Japan