A top holiday destination that majorities of tourists decide to travel is Dubai. This wonderful travel destination, promises you the best experiences you’d never forget. From shopping, spas, eating, leisure and so on, there’s always something new waiting to grab your attention. With that said, there are plenty of attractions that you should visit. This includes the world’s tallest Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Palm Islands and many more. Moreover, if you’re a food traveller and a food lover, this is a top destination that you should visit. There are many eateries and fine dining restaurants and hotels that you could visit. These places serve various cuisines in plated in vibrant colours and salivating aromas.So, are you craving for some juicy seafood cuisines? Do you want to taste scrumptious seafood dishes, prepared by top chefs? Do you have any particular preferences for any types of dishes? If you happen to be travelling in Dubai, you might be interested in knowing some top restaurants serving seafood cuisines. There are many places that suit any individual’s budget. Or, if you’re planning your trip, here are suggestions for to research about:
 Pepper Crab
On the other hand, Pepper Crab is still a popular restaurant that is situated at Grand Hyatt. This restaurant still doesn’t fail to attract large numbers of customers daily. This restaurant has a large indoor dining area and a terrace area overlooking the beautiful palm trees and city life. The seafood menu is rooted with the touch of Singaporean inspired and rooted dishes such as prawns, Pepper Crab and many more.
 Al Mahara
Enjoy a seafood dining experience, with the feel of enjoying the food under the sea. This jaw-dropping and amazing restaurant is located in Burj Al Arab seven star hotel. The tables are arranged around a large aquarium. Therefore, you could steel a glance at the sea life, while enjoying the food served.
 Aprons and Hammers
Another seafood restaurant such as the Pepper Crab in Dubai that attracts many customers, which serves the dishes in a unique way is Aprons and Hammers. If you search through the website, you’d be amazed the way the foods are being served. You could have a fun filled and unique experience dining at this restaurant, hammering your crabs and enjoy the splatter!
There are many other seafood restaurants that you could find in Dubai. These are some of the popular places that tourists dine at. Therefore, before you plan to visit this amazing travel destination, research about these restaurants. Skim through the various menus that are offered to customers and find a place that serves the dishes that you’re craving to have.

Craving For Good Seafood Dishes? 3 Top Seafood Restaurants To Visit In Dubai