One of the most ingenious forms of branding discovered by marketing types in companies is the company presents that they hand out to their corporate clients. At the end of every year, the marketing department will make a recommendation to stock up on certain items and every year it is a battle to justify the purchasing of some of them. Here are some of the guidelines that will help you make that decision. 

Is it Functional? 

The whole point of getting a corporate present is that it is different from a normal one; the most important thing is how functional it is and how useful it can be to a client because otherwise, there is a tendency for clients to leave it to gather dust somewhere. So you will regularly see the appearance of umbrellas, pens, mugs and key chains on the lower end and USBs, cufflinks, watches and other corporate paraphernalia like anti-theft office bags at the higher end on the menu. These are extremely functional presents that the client will use regularly. 

Is it Brand-able? 

Of course, it’s not just enough to be functional, it also has to be brand-able, in the sense that the item has to be able to carry the company logo or name somewhere. Something with a large surface area like a coffee mug works great because it will be highly visible. Or it has to be something where the logo is innocuous but visible on a regular basis like a brand charger power bank that will be used and handled constantly by a busy executive. The items also have to relevant to the business conducted by the company.  For instance, a financial company that produces calculators will be a hit whereas, producing stationary will be a flop. 

Is it Special? 

This is where the old fashioned presents like pens and mugs fail; they are a dime a dozen and can be purchased anywhere. A better present will be a handy, portable thermos with the company logo discreetly on it. Something that companies haven’t thought of, something that makes the client feel special or something that is extremely useful to the client is the ideal corporate gift.  

Presents that promote the company’s agenda or bear the company logo have long been a marketing tool used in corporate circles. They work because they are functional, they are brand-able and they feel special to the client. Chosen well, a corporate gift can make a huge impact on the psyche of a client with regards to the company name. Use the above guidelines to choose a worthy present for your company.  

Choosing Gifts For A Corporate Client