The oral cavity (also sometimes known as cavum oris or buccal cavity) is a part of the body that usually goes unnoticed until something goes horribly wrong. Usually this is indicated by terrible pain when trying to open mouth, trying to bite, trying to eat or just trying to keep the mouth closed. And sometimes the causes for these are cavities, periodontal diseases, gingivitis and wisdom teeth. In most cases these can be cured by a simple surgery or a root canal Dubai or such. But instead of going through all that pain and paying money to get rid of the cause of pain, good oral hygiene practices can save you from both.
The issue of plaque
Plaque, commonly referred to as dental plaque in case of teeth, is essentially a biofilm. A biofilm is a mass of bacteria that sticks to each other and onto a surface. Biofilms can grow and multiply rapidly and are a cause of major concerns in among anything that is in physical existence (you can find it pretty much anywhere). Dental plaque is colorless at first but as it starts to colonize and form tartar then the color changes. The tartar formation can be seen through brown and yellow coloring and then by then you can find it between teeth, surrounding teeth, along the gums and between the gum lines as well. Plaque is a normal process so there is no solution for preventing biofilm buildup.
But you can mitigate the rate of growth and multiplying of the biofilm. And this is by properly brushing your teeth twice a day with good toothpaste and proper motions. Vigorous brushing will actually make your teeth enamel (which protects your teeth from decaying) slowly erode away. Usually antimicrobial toothpaste with fluoride mitigates plaque. Dental flossing and interdental cleaners are recommended for getting rid of dental plaque stuck between teeth. If you have the cheapest braces in Dubai then you need to make sure that the biofilm is not on the dental equipment either.
How to prevent teeth destruction
Flossing is sometimes advised against by professional dentists due to people using floss wrong and ending up with more teeth related issues. If you get brain freeze frequently and there is nothing with your teeth, then you are brushing too strong. But flossing and brushing done correctly actually helps teeth. Besides for those who want to get the cheapest braces, flossing and brushing must be done for proper teeth care.
A large buildup of dental plaque can cause caries and periodontal diseases (gum related diseases). Dental plaque buildup also causes tooth decay in time, periodontitis, gingivitis, demineralization of teeth (caries) and such.

Best Practices For Good Oral Hygiene And Visually Pleasing Teeth